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See! What to do if you forget your Gmail password!

Today we will know how to recover your password using the Account Recovery page.

1. First I will go to this page (google.com> accounts> recovery).

2. Select “I know my password”.

3. Now click on “I know” or type the last known password. I can help with the recovery password by typing the last known password, but it is not required to recover the account.

4. Select the Recovery option. I will be able to collect the recovery details from the email address or the details sent to the mobile which will need to be set up for the account.

5. If we choose to send the recovery information to our phone, I can receive it via an automated call or SMS.

6. If we do not have any recovery information associated with the account, we will have to go through an account recovery survey.

7. We will give you the verification information. If we select a verification code by phone then we need to send a verification code to the phone which we have to type the code.

8. Now, after typing the verification code or clicking on the link, I will create a new password and click on the “Reset Password” button.

So guys, this is how we can recover the Gmail password.

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